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1. Start with a smile on your face & give details about Name, Place after greeting.
2. If necessary only add your family details.
3. Tell about your educational details.
4. Share about why you want to do JOB so.
5. About your Project in Brief.
6. The person who inspired you a lot.
7. Then about your intrests/hobbies.
8. Also how you will spend your time when you are free.
9. Tell about skills.
10. Then conclude by saying THANKS to the Person who is listining to you.


Well, good morning sir/madam,

Hi Friends, my name is shivaji rao patil from Hyderabad. I parsuing my B-Tech in stream of computer science and engineering from nict college, xxx with aggregate 65%. I have completed HSC from GURU BASAVA junior college with aggregate of 6% and SSC from Pratibha we. N. High school with aggregate 73%.

We are five in my family. My father is a private employee and my mother is a homemaker. I have two sibblings.

About my achievements, I never made any achievements at state level. But in my schooling I got certificate in singing level competition. In college I got NSS certificate which I participated as volunteer in my 1st year of engineering.

My strengths are hardworker, self motivating and dedicated towards my work. And also I'm a good learner as well as teacher.

My hobbies are making crafts, painting, surfing net.

My short term goal to get placed in well reputed company.

My long term goal to palced in any mnc company and give my best to your.


As a fresher, I don't have any working experience, but I will prove once the opportunity comes.


Good morning mam/sir.

It's my pleasure to introduce my self..well, I'm Rehana born and raised in Anantapur.
I have done my schooling in Little flower Montessori English Medium High School with 77% ,then i did my plus 12 from S.S.B.N junior college with 77.7% and now i'm pursuing my final year from Anantha Lakshmi Institute of Technology and Sciences Anantapur with an aggregate of 78.33%

My strengths are my attitude that i like to take challenges that I CAN do it,my way of thinking that i take both success and failure in a balanced manner..
I dont like to say weakness but i like to say scope for improvement that is i wont leave any ask in completely,i believe in my self and my hard work and i want perfection in every thing.

My short term goal is i want a such a platform where i can grow my career along with the organisation growth like yours and
My Long term goal is i want to be one of the reason for the success of the organisation and i want to seeyour organisation as a bench mark to other organisations.

My ethic is "i never neglect an opportunity for my improvement".

thats all about me sir....thank you for giving me such a wonderful oppurtunity.


My name is XXX and I am from Chennai. I am currently studying Finance and Economics at Hong Kong University. I was raised in Bengalu and when I was 18 I moved to Hong Kong to take my university study. Last year I went to London to join the school's exchange program. During my exchange I went backpacking with other backpackers from all over the world to other countries across Europe. It was a fun experience. I think I have been fortunate enough to be able to live in different parts of the world and thus be able to broaden my horizon.

I have a strong interest in banking and financial services industry. The reason is I'd like to leverage my detail-oriented mind and apply the skills and knowledge that I have attained throughout my degree courses. I see myself as a people-oriented and over-achiever person. I demonstrated this through working in various group projects with different types of people in which I had been able to perform well.

I would like to be part of your company to further develop myself in banking field and to use my capabilities to serve both your company and your clients.

(Note: all locations here are fiction, the rest is based on my factual experience even though some parts have been distorted a little bit. The purpose is just to let you know a structure of self-introduction that I think is good and appropriate.)

Good morning sir/madam,

It's my pleasure to introduce myself. I'm sunil from delhi. Currently, I'm pursing my final year electronics and communication engineering from meri college of engg n tech with an aggregate of 79%. I completed my +2 from government co edu senior secondary school also I have done my schooling from same school
My father is a government employee and my mother is house wife

My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it, self motivated person, self disciplined I am a good team player as well as has a good ability to lead the team. I can adopt to any kind of environment. I am a good listener and quick learner.

My weakness is I can not tolrete any leniency in work
My short term goal is I want a such a platform where I can grow my career along with the organisation growth like yours and.

My Long term goal is I want to be one of the reason for the success of the organisation and I want to see your organisation as a bench mark to other organisations

Thats all about me sir. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful oppurtunity.


Good morning sir/madam;

Firstly I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and it's my pleasure to introduce myself.

I am arun from erode tamil nadu. I completed my BCOM with CA from arulanadar college it affiliated to Madurai kamaraj university with 64.5% and i have completed my +2 from government higher secondary school with 63.58%.I have done my schooling from same school.

Telling me about my family my mother working in school my father was passed away And coming to my hobbies are net surfing, playing chess.

I am fresher and have no work experience in any company.

My strength is i can adopt easily in any type of environment.

My short term goal is to get placed in a reputed company like yours which will give me an opportunity to enhance my skills and Knowledge.

My long term goal would be reaching the higher position in your company.

That's all about me sir .Thank you for giving such a wonderful opportunity.


Good morning mam/sir.

It's my pleasure to introduce my self. Well, I'm VINIT born and raised in warangal.

I have done my schooling in Little flower Montessori English Medium High School with, then I did my plus 12 from govt junior college and now I'm pursuing my final year b.harm.

My strengths are my attitude that I like to take challenges that I CAN do it, my way of thinking that I take both success and failure in a balanced manner.

I don't like to say weakness but I like to say scope for improvement that is I won't leave any ask in completely, I believe in my self and my hard work and I want perfection in every thing.

My short term goal is I want a such a platform where I can grow my career along with the organisation growth like yours and.

My Long term goal is I want to be one of the reason for the success of the organisation and I want to seeyour organisation as a bench mark to other organisations.

My ethic is "i never neglect an opportunity for my improvement".

Thats all about me sir. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful oppurtunity.


Good morning sir/madam;

Firstly I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and it's my pleasure to introduce myself.

I am satyagiri from A.P. I have completed my M.C.A from swami ramananda college of engineering with an aggregate of 74%.I completed my UG from Ekashila college it affiliated to kakatiya university with 60% and i have completed my +2 from s.v college with 65%.I have done my schooling from Z.P,H.S high school.

Telling me about my family bock ground my father is former and my mother is helping to my father.we are four siblings my elder brother is teacher and my younger brothers are studying.And coming to my hobbies are net surfing,playing cricket.

I am fresher and have no work experience in any company.

My strength is i can adopt easily in any type of environment.

My short term goal is to get placed in a reputed company like yours which will give me an opportunity to enhance my skills and Knowledge.

MY long term goal is i want to be one of the reason for success of the organization and i want to be one of responsible person in organization growth.

that's all about me sir .Thank you for giving such a wonderful opportunity.


Good evening sir/madam
I am glad to be here for this interview.thanks for given this chance to show myself.

My name is XXX from YYY.I have a B.Tech degree with a major in Information Technology field.Graduated in XXX college in 2011 and secured 74% mark in degree.

I am seeking an opportunity to work as a software engineer.As i have the necessary skills you specified for the educational qualification and having solution based thinking in every tasks,I will work in time and fulfill the tasks allotted to me.

I was not achieve big,but i was the one of the good in the environment i met.I got prizes for my academic excellence.

My good thing is positive thinking.My negative point is i would like to do everything with myself,its from my childhood habit and i get some more experience by being like this.

My goal:i always wants to finish my every day work correctly.It will lead me to a good position.

My roll model is YYYY because of his effective use of time and the way communicate with others.

Telling about my family background,My mum is working as a school teacher and my sister is studying BE.As my mum and relatives are educated,i bought up by them well discipline and correct in my work.

I am expecting to be a colleague in someday.


Good morning sir/madam,
I am Mukesh Kumar,Basically I am from Bihar.I belongs to Vaishali District.I am belongs to a family where discipline does matter.My father is in police department and my mother is housewife. I have 2 brother and 2 sister.

About My qualification, I have completed Bachelor of engg. from cec bilaspur in the year 2011. I have done +2 from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jawaharnagar located at Bihar and I have done schooling from sitamarhi high school which is near at my hometown.

A part from that I have also completed MCP Certtification in ASP.NET with version 2.0.

I am a good listener as well as good learner.I can hard work to achieve my targets in time. I am self confident,positive attitude and patience.

My hobbies including to help my mother in her some time work and listining music.

My short term goal is to join your organization and enhance my skills. My long term goal is to see your organization at peak level where I am one of the person responsible for it.

About My achievements I have choosen vice president of my college in my final year and I have scored 83% in MCP certification.

My weakness is fear,But I will overcome from this.


(This is not a big introduction.Try to say it and you will see it finishes in less than 2mins.But I occasionally added some comments with in () to give you some tips.I hope it helps)

Hello Sir/mam;

It's my pleasure to introduce myself to you.My name is Yashaswini Mohanty.I was born and raised in Cuttack city of Odisha.I completed my education from there as well(Not mentioning the details of education,because it's already on my cv).

I have a beautiful family of five members.My father is a retired Govt Employee.My mother is a sweet homemaker.I have two elder sisters and both of them work in different MNCs.

My hobbies are drawing,painting,reading books(say this only if you read some nice motivational books.They might ask you to name some of the books you read. Then if you will say something like Harry Potter and Twilight,it will show how childish you are.)

My achievements are,I was selected as the class representative in my college.(Shows your managerial skills).I self taught myself photoshop and participated in many online digital art competitions.I was selected in State Talent Scholarship Examinations conducted by World Health & Education services of Odisha.I have participated in many blood donation camps by Red Cross Organizations.

My greatest strength are I'm a fast learner,smart and hard worker.(Mention Hardwork after Smart work.They always need organized smart worker than hard but dumb workers.I was told this by a HR and member of interview panel board.)My greatest weakness are my love for food,but I'm trying to overcome that.(You can add something really unimportant thing that won't affect your work.Or you can say my weakness I don't have any real time experience in the software field as I'm a fresher.As said by Jothi Boss,but different interviewers can take different meaning out of it.)

My short term goal is to be placed in a MNC and my long term goal is to be the member of the team that is responsible for the success of the organization I'm placed in.

That is all about myself and thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself to you.

Ps:-I tried to keep this informative as well as short and free of errors,but if did some mistakes,then let me know :)
  1. hi guys

    here i am writing some important tips and tracks that how to give a good self introduction and some do's and dont's

    never use myself,herself,himself(instead of these words u can use my name is Or i am...

    never introduce Ur family members names like my dad is prasad and mom is lakshmi (u can use my dad is agent and mom is house maker)

    don't say my mom is house wife because this is completely wrong and it will indicate bad meaning (use house maker)

    this is the sample self introduction

    My name is maruthi prasad i am from andhra i was born and brought up in andhra pradesh i am 21 years old i completed my degree in hindupur with b com computers as specialization and i did my puc from sbvv college and sslc as same scholl
    coming to my family background my family consists of five members including me dad is working as marketing as marketing agent and mom is house maker
    and i have two siblings one sister and one brother
    coming to my skills
    technical skills are proficiency in communication skills
    i am adoptable and optimistic
    i am quick learner
    related to mu hobbies are playing cricket and listing music
    thank u sir for giving this chance to introduce myself

    always be confident (not over confident)
    be sure that u are in simple dress scene (like light colors)
    be with good little smile
    maintain time punctuality 

Why is INRI written on a cross and what is its significance?

Nov 9, 2003, 03.36am IST
INRI stems from the Latin phrase 'Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum' meaning 'Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews'. This was the notice Pontius Pilate nailed over Jesus as he lay dying on the cross. It now signifies that a true Christian lies there.

DEAR GOD, grant me the peace to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference! Let me live one day at a time and enjoy one moment at a time. Let me accept hardship as the pathway to peace. Taking, as You did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it. Trusting that You will make all things right if I surrender to Your will; That I may be reasonably happy in this life, and supremely happy with You forever in the next. Amen.

             The Power of Personal Values


 1. Introduction to Values

A value is a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful. Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, every individual has a core set of personal values. Values can range from the commonplace, such as the belief in hard work and punctuality, to the more psychological, such as self-reliance, concern for others, and harmony of purpose.

When we examine the lives of famous people, we often see how personal values guided them, propelling them to the top of their fields. For example, one actor was motivated by his commitment to  social justice, which led to important acting roles related to that value that made him world famous. Likewise, a  well-known business CEO was motivated by the personal value that technology should be easy to use, which caused his company to spawn a technology revolution. Whatever one's values, when we take them to heart and implement them in the smallest details of our lives, great accomplishment and success are sure to follow.

Just as individuals subscribe to values, so do organizations and institutions. In fact, if we were to examine any company, we would discover that one or more business values was the key to their success. Examples are --

 -- Sears' commitment to trusting the customer. [From the 19th century onward, any product could be returned to the company with a money back guarantee, which engendered great trust in both directions, enabling booming sales, and, the great success for the firm that followed.]
 -- Apple Computer's belief in the values of solving problems of society. [The company created the IPod player and ITunes online music store to overcome a conflict between those who sought to download copyrighted music for free and the music industry which sought to protect its artists and its revenues.]
 -- Marriott's values of systemization and standardization. [The company created a standard model hotel, and then duplicated it hundreds of time around the world, enabling it to grow incredibly fast, and become the leader of its industry.]

 Likewise, we see how political parties and politicians subscribe to certain core values -- ranging from helping the poor, easing the burden of the middle class, improving the environment, making government responsive and efficient, engendering loyalty and unity, and so forth.

The key point to keep in mind about values is that implementing them energizes everything concerned with it. For an individual, committing to and applying values releases fresh energies, which always attract success, achievement, and well-being. Likewise, when companies or other institutions adopt values, individuals working at the organization become energized, as do its customers, its products and services, and everyone and everything else associated with that organization.

We can energize our lives by making the full effort to implement the values we subscribe to. Once we identify values that are meaningful to us, we can develop strategies to implement them. When we make the determined effort to implement those strategies, good fortune is sure to follow -- in the form of new opportunities, new sources of revenue and income, and other forms of material and psychological benefit. We may even notice that as we implement values, we experiences instances of "life response" -- where good fortune suddenly comes to us from seemingly out of nowhere, defying our normal perceptions of what is logical and possible.

Below is a list of important personal values culled from years of observing individual achievement and success.

Common Personal Values
Accomplishment, Success




All for one & one for all


Calm, quietude, peace




Cleanliness, orderliness







Concern for others


Content over form

Continuous improvement




Customer satisfaction



Delight of being, joy






Ease of Use









Family feeling


Freedom, Liberty       




Global view




Hard work









Inner peace, calm, quietude









Love, Romance


Maximum utilization
(of time, resources)






Other's point of view, inputs


Peace, Non-violence


Personal Growth







Prosperity, Wealth


Quality of work




Respect for others



Rule of Law


Satisfying others






(to others, society)



Solving Problems


Spirit, Spirituality in life




Succeed; A will to-
 Success, Achievement













 (Also see a list of business values and social values can be implemented in business and society.)

2. Power  of Values to Shape Our Lives

In the mid 1970s, I made a decision to move to California from New York City, where I was raised. Why I did so, and why I made other decisive turns in my life is the subject of this essay. My first thought on the subject is that I took these actions simply because I was motivated to do so. And yet, what really motivates us in life are the things we truly value.

Then what were the values that compelled me to move to California -- in particular to the San Francisco Bay Area -- where I have resided for these last 30 years? Well, it is true that after five years attending college at frigid Syracuse University in upstate New York I was compelled to seek the warmer climes of California. But I could have moved south to Florida or to the Southwestern parts of the US. However, having been raised in the urban/suburban environment of New York City, I valued culture and a certain type of urban sophistication I might not find in those other locales. I also enjoyed being near the water, not only because of its shimmering beauty, but because cities at the edge of the great oceans tend to attract a diversity of people and a richness of culture from around the world.

Though climate, beauty, diversity, and culture influenced my decision, there must have been something more specific that compelled me to move to this region. Looking at it in retrospect, I have concluded that I came to the area because of the existence of Marin County -- the progressive community that lies directly across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. Marin County at the time (and still is) was the prosperous land where many of the creative musicians, artists, and thinkers of the 1970s lived. From the articles and reports I had read while living on the East coast, the people who lived in that region were involved with matters that meant a great deal to me -- i.e. aspects of life that I truly valued. And because I deeply believed in those things, I wanted to be near them; to somehow participate in their way of life. And so I headed out to the SF Bay Area in 1975 in earnest -- and never looked back.

But I have still not identified the specific values of the Marinites that compelled me to join them. Let me try to list them for you. For one, the residents were in the vanguard of the changes going in society at the time -- including an appreciation of Eastern culture and spirituality, a concern for the quality of the physical environment, a dissatisfaction with the mindless materialism of modern life, the rejection of conformity of the previous generation, and the development of new forms of music that expressed their new world view. These were the underlying values that drove me to the region. These were the ideals and beliefs that shaped my life at the time, compelling me to venture across country.

Each of us is motivated to move our lives in certain directions. That motivation is determined by the values we subscribe to. Our values are thus the formations and ideations of thought, the distinct formulations of understanding that express what we perceive to be important truths about life. These ideals are then reinforced by our emotions and feelings, which turn those mental perception into a vital passion that we hope to realize in our lives. Whether we actually make the effort to implement them is another matter.

Without values or beliefs, we would be mechanical-like beings, driven here and there by the vicissitudes of life. Without values, we would be creature-like, compelled to action solely by our urges and passions. In this inhuman existence, there would be little consideration for truths we hold dear, let alone implement them to ennoble and enrich our lives. In this reality devoid of values, we would live unconscious lives, without meaning or purpose. On the other hand, when we take to values, we live a purposeful and dynamic existence -- i.e. we become truly human.

This being the case, what are the truths of life, i.e. the personal values that you believe in? What are the cherished ideals and beliefs that have shaped your life; that are motivating and driving your life today? Why not take a little time and come up with a short list, and then consider how each has or currently is shaping your life.

If we think about it, we will see that people relate to personal values in a number of ways. Thoughtful people are continually thinking about those things they cherish and believe in.  Powerful people are also motivated and driven to  implement them in their lives. In fact, the most successful people are constantly evaluating their values, and are continually driven to turn them into a living reality. For these individuals, values are an inexhaustible source of inner power that energizes them to no end; driving them to the heights of success, while bringing about deep fulfillment in their lives.

Interestingly, not only do values energize us, but when we implement them, it energizes everything they come in contact with! If I apply the value of customer service and delight when I speak with the client, I energize the conversation, which leads to greater response from the person on the other end, who is now motivated to purchase the services I am offering. Also, if I am truly sincere in my belief in customer satisfaction, I create an added value that reinforces and builds on the first one. A combination of values applied to a situation dramatically energizes circumstances, which not only increases the likelihood of success, but turns the interaction into an enjoyable, even thrilling experience. Thus, implementing values have an innate capacity to create more energy, accomplishment, and joy in living.

Values are actually a very special power in the universe. It is one our minds can grasp for the purpose of uplifting life. Values are actually spiritual skills -- a divine gift that comes to us from the infinite Source of things. The highest of principles -- such as Oneness, Love, Beauty, and others -- descend from the heavens, and are reinterpreted as values by our minds. For example, the spiritual principle of Oneness is recognized by our minds as values of cooperation, integration, teamwork, and others. Likewise, the universal principle of Love expresses through values of goodness, selflessness, self-givingness, openness, tolerance, respect for others, and a number of others.

The last twenty-five years has seen an explosion in an interest in values. Tom Peters' book 'In Search of Excellence' started the ball rolling for values in the workplace. Religious leaders speak of family values, nations speak of moral values, spiritual teachers speak of the highest values of gratitude, benevolence, and self-givingness; even self-surrender to the Divine. Values drive us, motivate us, move life, move us forward -- enabling progress even evolution. Values are what enables life to take the Next Step -- whether they drive our own individual lives in a positive direction; improve the economic, social, and cultural conditions of a nation; or move society forward in its never-ending ascending path of progress.

Tolerance, openness, respect for the individual, and teamwork are several great human values, while Oneness, Love, Beauty, and Truth are some of higher spiritual values that they derive from. At certain points, the human and spiritual values come together and blend into one another, expressing through spiritualized human values such as selflessness, self-givingness, and gratitude.

Values are expressions of emotionalized truths that when implemented energize whatever they come in contact with, enabling the greatest positive results with the least effort in the shortest period of time -- whether it is for the individual, a collective, or society as a whole.

Values are the nexus to our future progress. It is the call of the Divine to the minds of men to seek a better life -- to pursue ultimate delight and fulfillment in life.

3. Advanced Thoughts on Values
 What is a Value?
Values are psychological objects. Although we cannot see or touch them, they are every bit as real as any physical object. People may dedicate their entire lives or even give up their lives to pursue their values, as so many loyal patriots have done fighting for values of freedom, equality and human rights during the past two centuries.

We all have values that determine our decisions and guide our lives. Those who value their individuality take responsibility, are self-reliant and act with self-respect. Those who value truthfulness cannot bring themselves to tell a lie. Those who value family or friendship sacrifice their personal interests for the good of others. Those who value goodness cannot bring themselves to do something they know is wrong. We express values in our relations with other people when we are loyal, reliable, honest, generous, trusting, trustworthy, feel a sense of responsibility for family, friends, co-workers, our organization, community or country. On a more physical level, we may place great value on cleanliness, punctuality, orderliness, accuracy, quality, and physical perfection in whatever we do.


 Values, Accomplishment, and our Psychological Energies

 Accomplishment in life depends not only on physical energy, but even more on the intensity of psychological energy we are able to bring to our action. Interest, commitment, determination, passion, drive, enthusiasm are some of the ways in which we characterize the intensity of our psychological energy. It turns out that values direct our psychological energies for accomplishment. The scholar with a passion for accuracy will expend enormous energy in the search for facts and the effort to impartially verify them. Once he does so, his work will be relied upon by others and gain a reputation for its veracity. The gymnast or figure skater with a passion for perfection will continue to practice throughout her career to hone her skills, moved by the quest for the value of perfection  - that score of perfect 10. The artist, musician, engineer, the chef, the flight attendant, the accountant are all guided by values in the execution of their work and the results they achieve are directly related to the level of values they attain.  Thus, we see that Values determine the intensity and flow of our psychological energies.

 In the end, the quality of the values we embrace and the intensity of our commitment to them determines the level of our accomplishment in life.

 Values as  the Highest  Psychological Form for Accomplishment
We can see a continuum of psychological forms from data to values.
Data are mental facts derived from sense observation.
Information is data organized by the physical mind into meaningful relationships.
Thoughts are specific conclusions or observations drawn from the information.
Ideas are generalized conceptions derived from specific thoughts.
Opinions are thoughts which the mind endorses and the ego identifies as its own.
Beliefs are ideas which the mind endorses and the mental ego identifies with as true for its life.
Attitudes are opinions endorsed and energized by the vital ego.
Values are idealized conceptions that are endorsed by the personality.

In terms of accomplishment, thoughts are mental forms of energy which do not necessarily lead to action. Ideas carry the energy of mental understanding. Opinions carry the force of mental conviction. Attitudes carry the vital force of our emotional endorsement. Values carry the power of psychological commitment and determination. Values issue from a deeper or higher center of motivation in our personalities and therefore carry far greater power than our opinions and attitudes.

Origin of Values - from Life and from Spirit

From below, society acquires values through a long process of trial and error experimentation with various approaches to life. Over years and centuries, the collective comes to recognize that certain principles or guidelines are essential for the survival or vital for the growth of the individual and the community. They learn by experience to value these essential principles and pass them on to future generations as cultural guidelines for action. They discover that cleanliness is essential for heath. Punctuality and regularity of action are essential for success in agriculture. Honesty and truthfulness are essential in trade. Loyalty and patriotism are essential for the integrity and defense of the community. Responsibility, generosity and self-sacrifice are the bedrocks of the family.

From above, enlightened individuals directly experienced higher states of spiritual consciousness and perceived self-existent truths of the spiritual reality that manifested the universe. They discovered the essence of what we call God, Spirit or Divinity expresses itself as fundamental spiritual values in the universe such as Freedom, Peace, Truth, Unity, Goodness, Harmony, Beauty, Love, Joy, and Self-Giving. They recognized that the more you strive to live by these values, the higher you rise in consciousness and the more the higher spiritual consciousness enters your being and expresses in your life. The wise perceived that the values derived from life experience are derivative truths and lower expressions of these same higher spiritual values and stepping stones on the ascending stair of evolution. E.g. the human value of tolerance can be said to be a reflection and melding of the spiritual values of Freedom, Goodness, and Harmony; and the value of honesty is honesty is a reflection of the spiritual value of Truth.

4. Example Values

Here are some thoughts on several of the more interesting personal values listed above:

 In this time of great complexity and hurry, there is no more important personal value than "simplicity." Taking the time to simplify anything that is overly complex is a very helpful skill in these rapidly accelerating times. Simplifying a work not only streamlines it, but make it more effective and productive, leading to greater results when compared to its former complex arrangement.

-Take any important work or project in your life and come up with at least two ways to simplify it.
 -Develop a half dozen ways  to simplify your life.

 Harmony is the coming together of disparate elements for common purpose. It is the moving together of varied or opposing forces, so that they emerge in a higher truth that all can benefit from (not merely a compromised truth). The value of Teamwork is one variation of the value of Harmony, as is the value of Organization. Harmony is such noble and elevated a value that it can be considered a spiritual value.

Make harmony a permanent personal value that you believe in and practice. Over the next few days and weeks notice points of conflict that appear in your work and life and seek to implement a higher truth, or point of view, or action in each situation that can harmonize the opposing ideas, conflicts between people, and other forms of opposition.

 (For additional thoughts on harmony, click here.)

 Content Over Form
We know the expression "don't judge a book by its cover". It means that is what is inside that is important, not the superficial surface. This expresses in a variety of ways in life. For example, any serious person will judge the truer, deeper meaning of a thing, rather than merely its outer form. A tendency to react to the outer aspect and not its intrinsic value prevents one from getting at the heart, the inherent truth of the matter, taking one away from the full knowledge that would have led to right decisions and actions, and thus great accomplishment and success in life.

It is from the depths of situations and circumstance that you find its essence. For example, if one admires another's social position, instead of their true accomplishment, including the values they subscribe to, you will miss the key to their success, and therefore fail to learn from it. Or, if you are merely evaluating a person from the shallow perspective of their appearance, or quickly coming to a conclusion based on a brief acquaintance, then you also miss the deeper and wider truths behind. If you judge a book by its cover you will never get to know the depths of others, and the true meaning of life's situations.

Consider various circumstances in your life where the outer or surface form is more important to you than its intrinsic content and value. Adjust your attitudes and beliefs accordingly.

Concern for Others
Perhaps the single most powerful way to succeed in life is to have more concern for our fellow human beings.  Normally, we are overwhelmingly concerned about our own selves, driven by our own personal motives and ambitions. However, the happiest people literally lose themselves in the feelings, thoughts, and aspirations of others.

 Are you ready to "forget yourself" and be genuinely interested in the welfare of others?  Are you willing to be tolerant and kind to others, listen attentively and silently to their words, be non-judgmental, and open to their opinions and points of view?  If you are, you're an excellent candidate for great success in life, not to mention an ever-increasing personal happiness and joy.

Try a little experiment. When you meet with others, immediately put yourself in their shoes. Think only of what they want. Listen carefully to their thoughts and feelings, and show genuine concern and empathy. Do this for the entire meeting. Now watch how the interaction goes. Watch how the energy level of the other person increases. The other individual becomes more animated and involved.

 In addition, if you watch closely, you may notice some interesting things starting to happen. An unthought of point of view or perspective may be raised in the conversation. New ideas or fresh new insights are suddenly revealed. Or, a new interesting idea, project or event might suddenly come out of the discussion. This all happens because you have shifted your concern toward the other person.

(For additional thoughts on concern for others, click here)

 Often people with great talent, artistic temperament, or other qualities fail to achieve because they are not practical in their thoughts and deeds. For example, when important opportunities come their way, they shun them; or they have a prejudiced view about the value of money, i.e. they shun it. Any attempt on one's part to be more practical will rapidly catapult one from one's current status towards the pinnacle of success.

List two to four ways you have been or are impractical in life. Now make an effort to your ways.  keep reaffirming your new approach till it becomes part of your being. If you are not sure if and how you are impractical, why not be brave and ask those who are looking out for your best interests for their opinions.

Integrity, Honesty
 Sometimes people don't say what they mean in order to hide something, protect themselves or someone else, or simply because they are trying to deceive in order to gain from circumstance. Do you have any of these traits? If so, why (i.e. where do they come from)? What can you do to overcome these tendencies? 

(For additional thoughts on honesty, click here)

 Some people do their work to keep busy, occupied, entertained or otherwise pass the time. A key to success and achievement in life is to insure that the activities you are engaged leads to a constructive, useful purpose. Those who value real results from actions they take make far greater use of their time, leading to higher levels of success and achievement in life.

Hard Work
 It is universally agreed that hard work is one of the keys to success in life and work. Without it, few can succeed. A person may not be hard working for a number of reasons -- the influence of parents, a lack of energy, a lack of motivation, a bad experience,  pure laziness, etc. Consider why you may not be hard working, and then make a determined effort to change the behavior. Keep up the effort over time. Watch how life continually blossoms with good fortune!

(For additional thoughts on hard work, click here)  [ep]

Continuous Improvement/Progress
 One of the most interesting values in life is one's innate desire for continuous improvement. Both individuals and organizations, such as a business, can adopt this value. For example, continuous improvement for an individual might can come in the form of a continuous urge to increase one's knowledge and skills in an area, a desire to improve one's attitudes and temperament, or a desire to do things better or get the best out of things. A company on the other hand can implement the value by continually evaluating and upgrading its procedures, the way it interacts with its customers, the way it treats its employees, and many other ways.

Any value when applied can create a positive response from life. Consider this example where an individual's interest in implementing the values of continuous improvement for her company created a positive result that came out of nowhere.:

I am working in Railway Recruitment Board and in-charge of entire pre-examination work. We have an elaborate procedure for conducting examinations and have to work in so many stages. A week back I was discussing with my Chairman the possibility of candidates giving their examinations electronically, which may also bring down expenditure. But my Chairman was apprehensive and it ended our discussion. But within myself, I strongly believed that it was possible.

After two/three days he called me to say that he has got an invitation from a Foreign based Computer Firm who were launching their new software, and since he was preoccupied he had proposed my name to represent our organization.

When I attended, to my surprise I could learn that the software was all about enabling candidates to give different types of examinations through Computers. I not only enjoyed the program but also could interact and get clarifications on various points of its practical feasibility.

(For more on this extraordinary phenomenon of "life response," click  here.)

Respect for the Individual
 One of the most significant personal values is to look on every person as a special, unique individual. This form of deep respect for each person has the power of generating good will, great happiness, and great achievement.

 -Every time you meet someone listen to their story and show and feel a great interest and respect. Also, see what unique perspective, knowledge, or insight they can offer. Then be totally responsive to their interests. Make this a regular daily habit in life. Ultimately, make this a value that you cherish.

-Think about two to five values that have shaped your life. If necessary, refer to the list above. Also think about specific ways they have benefited you in your life.

-Now review the list above and consider which one or two new values you would like to implement in your life. Now think about  the specific ways you can implement them. Then come up with a detailed action plan (using specific dates for action) to implement the values in your life. Make sure you review your plan down the line to evaluate the progress you are making so far.

-Make your values, including, your new values, the cornerstone of your life. Contemplate them deeply and see that they fill all aspects of your life and being.

Additional Information



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Values are powerful determinants of human
accomplishment, progress, and fulfillment.

Discover the power of values and how to
apply them to elevate your life and your world

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A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush:
Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more, because chances are you might lose everything.

A Blessing In Disguise:
Something good that isn't recognized at first.

A Chip On Your Shoulder:
Being upset for something that happened in the past.

A Dime A Dozen:
Anything that is common and easy to get.

A Doubting Thomas:
A skeptic who needs physical or personal evidence in order to believe something.

A Drop in the Bucket:
A very small part of something big or whole.

A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted:
It's easy for a foolish person to lose his/her money.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand:
Everyone involved must unify and function together or it will not work out.

A Leopard Can't Change His Spots:
You cannot change who you are.

A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned:
By not spending money, you are saving money (little by little).

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words:
A visual presentation is far more descriptive than words.

A Piece of Cake:
A task that can be accomplished very easily.

A Slap on the Wrist:
A very mild punishment.

A Taste Of Your Own Medicine:
When you are mistreated the same way you mistreat others.

A Toss-Up:
A result that is still unclear and can go either way.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words:
It's better to actually do something than just talk about it.

Add Fuel To The Fire:
Whenever something is done to make a bad situation even worse than it is.

Against The Clock:
Rushed and short on time.

All Bark And No Bite:
When someone is threatening and/or aggressive but not willing to engage in a fight.

All Greek to me:
Meaningless and incomprehensible like someone who cannot read, speak, or understand any of the Greek language would be.

All In The Same Boat:
When everyone is facing the same challenges.

An Arm And A Leg:
Very expensive. A large amount of money.

An Axe To Grind:
To have a dispute with someone.

Apple of My Eye:
Someone who is cherished above all others.

As High As A Kite:
Anything that is high up in the sky.

At The Drop Of A Hat:
Willing to do something immediately.


Back Seat Driver:
People who criticize from the sidelines, much like someone giving unwanted advice from the back seat of a vehicle to the driver.

Back To Square One:
Having to start all over again.

Back To The Drawing Board:
When an attempt fails and it's time to start all over.

Baker's Dozen:

Barking Up The Wrong Tree:
A mistake made in something you are trying to achieve.

Beat A Dead Horse:
To force an issue that has already ended.

Beating Around The Bush:
Avoiding the main topic. Not speaking directly about the issue.

Bend Over Backwards:
Do whatever it takes to help. Willing to do anything.

Between A Rock And A Hard Place:
Stuck between two very bad options.

Bite Off More Than You Can Chew:
To take on a task that is way to big.

Bite Your Tongue:
To avoid talking.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water:
The family bond is closer than anything else.

Blue Moon:
A rare event or occurance.

Break A Leg:
A superstitious way to say 'good luck' without saying 'good luck', but rather the opposite.

Buy A Lemon:
To purchase a vehicle that constantly gives problems or stops running after you drive it away.


Can't Cut The Mustard :
Someone who isn't adequate enough to compete or participate.

Cast Iron Stomach:
Someone who has no problems, complications or ill effects with eating anything or drinking anything.

Charley Horse:
Stiffness in the leg / A leg cramp.

Chew someone out:
Verbally scold someone.

Chip on his Shoulder:
Angry today about something that occured in the past.

Chow Down:
To eat.

Close but no Cigar:
To be very near and almost accomplish a goal, but fall short.

Cock and Bull Story:
An unbelievable tale.

Come Hell Or High Water:
Any difficult situation or obstacle.

Crack Someone Up:
To make someone laugh.

Cross Your Fingers:
To hope that something happens the way you want it to.

Cry Over Spilt Milk:
When you complain about a loss from the past.

Cry Wolf:
Intentionally raise a false alarm.

Cup Of Joe:
A cup of coffee.

Curiosity Killed The Cat:
Being Inquisitive can lead you into a dangerous situation.

Cut to the Chase:
Leave out all the unnecessary details and just get to the point.


Dark Horse:
One who was previously unknown and is now prominent.

Dead Ringer:
100% identical. A duplicate.

Devil's Advocate:
Someone who takes a position for the sake of argument without believing in that particular side of the arguement. It can also mean one who presents a counter argument for a position they do believe in, to another debater.

Dog Days of Summer:
The hottest days of the summer season.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch:
Don't rely on it until your sure of it.

Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth:
When someone gives you a gift, don't be ungrateful.

Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket:
Do not put all your resources in one possibility.

Something outstanding.

Down To The Wire:
Something that ends at the last minute or last few seconds.

Drastic Times Call For Drastic Measures:
When you are extremely desperate you need to take extremely desperate actions.

Drink like a fish:
To drink very heavily.

Drive someone up the wall:
To irritate and/or annoy very much.

Dropping Like Flies:
A large number of people either falling ill or dying.

Dry Run:


Eighty Six:
A certain item is no longer available. Or this idiom can also mean, to throw away.

Elvis has left the building:
The show has come to an end. It's all over.

Ethnic Cleansing:
Killing of a certain ethnic or religious group on a massive scale.

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining:
Be optomistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.

Everything But The Kitchen Sink:
Almost everything and anything has been included.

Excuse my French:
Please forgive me for cussing.

Cock and Bull Story:
An unbelievable tale.

Cock and Bull Story:
An unbelievable tale.


Feeding Frenzy:
An aggressive attack on someone by a group.

Field Day:
An enjoyable day or circumstance.

Finding Your Feet:
To become more comfortable in whatever you are doing.

Finger lickin' good:
A very tasty food or meal.

Fixed In Your Ways:
Not willing or wanting to change from your normal way of doing something.

Flash In The Pan:
Something that shows potential or looks promising in the beginning but fails to deliver anything in the end.

Flea Market:
A swap meet. A place where people gather to buy and sell inexpensive goods.

Flesh and Blood:
This idiom can mean living material of which people are made of, or it can refer to someone's family.

Flip The Bird:
To raise your middle finger at someone.

Foam at the Mouth:
To be enraged and show it.

Fools' Gold:
Iron pyrites, a worthless rock that resembles real gold.

French Kiss:
An open mouth kiss where tongues touch.

From Rags To Riches:
To go from being very poor to being very wealthy.

An old-fashioned and foolish type of person.

Full Monty:
This idiom can mean either, "the whole thing" or "completely nude".

Funny Farm:
A mental institutional facility.


Get Down to Brass Tacks:
To become serious about something.

Get Over It:
To move beyond something that is bothering you.

Get Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed:
Someone who is having a horrible day.

Get Your Walking Papers:
Get fired from a job.

Give Him The Slip:
To get away from. To escape.

Go Down Like A Lead Balloon:
To be received badly by an audience.

Go For Broke:
To gamble everything you have.

Go Out On A Limb:
Put yourself in a tough position in order to support someone/something.

Go The Extra Mile:
Going above and beyond whatever is required for the task at hand.

Good Samaritan:
Someone who helps others when they are in need, with no discussion for compensation, and no thought of a reward.

Graveyard Shift:
Working hours from about 12:00 am to 8:00 am. The time of the day when most other people are sleeping.

Great Minds Think Alike:
Intelligent people think like each other.

Green Room:
The waiting room, especially for those who are about to go on a tv or radio show.

Gut Feeling:
A personal intuition you get, especially when feel something may not be right.


Haste Makes Waste:
Quickly doing things results in a poor ending.

Hat Trick:
When one player scores three goals in the same hockey game. This idiom can also mean three scores in any other sport, such as 3 homeruns, 3 touchdowns, 3 soccer goals, etc.

Have an Axe to Grind:
To have a dispute with someone.

He Lost His Head:
Angry and overcome by emotions.

Head Over Heels:
Very excited and/or joyful, especially when in love.

Hell in a Handbasket:
Deteriorating and headed for complete disaster.

High Five:
Slapping palms above each others heads as celebration gesture.

High on the Hog:
Living in Luxury.

Hit The Books:
To study, especially for a test or exam.

Hit The Hay:
Go to bed or go to sleep.

Hit The Nail on the Head:
Do something exactly right or say something exactly right.

Hit The Sack:
Go to bed or go to sleep.

Hocus Pocus:
In general, a term used in magic or trickery.

Hold Your Horses:
Be patient.


Icing On The Cake:
When you already have it good and get something on top of what you already have.

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools:
You are more likely to get in trouble if you have nothing to do.

If It's Not One Thing, It's Another:
When one thing goes wrong, then another, and another...

In Like Flynn:
To be easily successful, especially when sexual or romantic.

In The Bag:
To have something secured.

In The Buff:

In The Heat Of The Moment:
Overwhelmed by what is happening in the moment.

In Your Face:
An aggressive and bold confrontation.

It Takes Two To Tango:
A two person conflict where both people are at fault.

It's A Small World:
You frequently see the same people in different places.

Its Anyone's Call:
A competition where the outcome is difficult to judge or predict.

Ivy League:
Since 1954 the Ivy League has been the following universities: Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, Yale, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Harvard.


Crossing the street (from the middle) without using the crosswalk.

Joshing Me:
Tricking me.


Keep An Eye On Him:
You should carefully watch him.

Keep body and soul together:
To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive .

Keep your chin up:
To remain joyful in a tough situation.

Kick The Bucket:

Diagonally across. Sometimes called Catty-Corner as well.

Knee Jerk Reaction:
A quick and automatic response.

Knock On Wood:
Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck.

Know the Ropes:
To understand the details.


Last but not least:
An introduction phrase to let the audience know that the last person mentioned is no less important than those introduced before him/her.

Lend Me Your Ear:
To politely ask for someone's full attention.

Let Bygones Be Bygones:
To forget about a disagreement or arguement.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie:
To avoid restarting a conflict.

Let The Cat Out Of The Bag:
To share a secret that wasn't suppose to be shared.

Level playing field:
A fair competition where no side has an advantage.

Like a chicken with its head cut off:
To act in a frenzied manner.

liquor someone up:
To get someone drunk.

Long in the Tooth:
Old people (or horses).

Loose Cannon:
Someone who is unpredictable and can cause damage if not kept in check.


Make No Bones About:
To state a fact so there are no doubts or objections.

Method To My Madness:
Strange or crazy actions that appear meaningless but in the end are done for a good reason.

Mumbo Jumbo:
Nonsense or meaningless speech.

Mum's the word:
To keep quiet. To say nothing.


Nest Egg:
Savings set aside for future use.

Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You:
Don't hurt anyone that helps you.

New kid on the block:
Someone new to the group or area.

New York Minute:
A minute that seems to go by quickly, especially in a fast paced environment.

No Dice:
To not agree. To not accept a proposition.

No Room to Swing a Cat:
An unsually small or confined space.

Not Playing With a Full Deck:
Someone who lacks intelligence.


Off On The Wrong Foot:
Getting a bad start on a relationship or task.

Off The Hook:
No longer have to deal with a tough situation.

Off the Record:
Something said in confidence that the one speaking doesn't want attributed to him/her.

On Pins And Needles:
Anxious or nervous, especially in anticipation of something.

On The Fence:

On The Same Page:
When multiple people all agree on the same thing.

Out Of The Blue:
Something that suddenly and unexpectedly occurs.

Out On A Limb:
When someone puts themself in a risky situation.

Out On The Town:
To enjoy yourself by going out.

Over My Dead Body:
When you absolutely will not allow something to happen.

Over the Top:
Very excessive.


Pass The Buck:
Avoid responsibility by giving it to someone else.

Pedal to the metal:
To go full speed, especially while driving a vehicle.

Peeping Tom:
Someone who observes people in the nude or sexually active people, mainly for his own gratification.

Pick up your ears:
To listen very carefully.

Pig In A Poke:
A deal that is made without first examining it.

Pig Out :
To eat alot and eat it quickly.

Pipe Down:
To shut-up or be quiet.

Practice Makes Perfect:
By constantly practicing, you will become better.

Pull the plug:
To stop something. To bring something to an end.

Pulling Your Leg:
Tricking someone as a joke.

Put a sock in it:
To tell noisy person or a group to be quiet.


Queer the pitch:
Destroy or ruin a plan.


An offer or deal that is declined right now but willing to accept later.

Raining Cats and Dogs:
A very loud and noisy rain storm.

Ring Fencing:
Seperated usual judgement to guarantee protection, especially project funds.

Rise and Shine:
Time to get out of bed and get ready for work/school.

Rome Was Not Built In One Day:
If you want something to be completely properly, then its going to take time.

Rule Of Thumb:
A rough estimate.

Run out of steam:
To be completely out of energy.


Saved By The Bell:
Saved at the last possible moment.

Someone else who takes the blame.

To escape and not have to pay.

Sick As A Dog:
To be very sick (with the flu or a cold).

Sitting Shotgun:
Riding in the front passenger seat of a car.

Sixth Sense:
A paranormal sense that allows you to communicate with the dead.

Skid Row:
The rundown area of a city where the homeless and drug users live.

Smell A Rat:
To detect somone in the group is betraying the others.

Smell Something Fishy:
Detecting that something isn't right and there might be a reason for it.

Son of a Gun:
A scamp.

Someone who is left-handed.

Spitting Image:
The exact likeness or kind.

Start From Scratch:
To do it all over again from the beginning.


The Ball Is In Your Court:
It is your decision this time.

The Best Of Both Worlds:
There are two choices and you have them both.

The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall:
While the bigger and stronger opponent might be alot more difficult to beat, when you do they suffer a much bigger loss.

The Last Straw:
When one small burden after another creates an unbearable situation, the last straw is the last small burden that one can take.

The Whole Nine Yards:
Everything. All of it.

Third times a charm:
After no success the first two times, the third try is a lucky one.

Tie the knot:
To get married.

Til the cows come home:
A long time.

To Make A Long Story Short:
Something someone would say during a long and boring story in order to keep his/her audience from losing attention. Usually the story isn't shortened.

To Steal Someone's Thunder:
To take the credit for something someone else did.

humor, not to be taken serious.

Turn A Blind Eye:
Refuse to acknowledge something you know is real or legit.

Twenty three skidoo:
To be turned away.


Under the weather:
Feeling ill or sick.

Up a blind alley:
Going down a course of action that leads to a bad outcome.

Use Your Loaf:
Use your head. Think smart.


Van Gogh's ear for music:
Tone deaf.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life:
The more experiences you try the more exciting life can be.


Wag the Dog:
A diversion away from something of greater importance.

Water Under The Bridge:
Anything from the past that isn't significant or important anymore.

Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve:
To openly and freely express your emotions.

When It Rains, It Pours:
Since it rarely rains, when it does it will be a huge storm.

When Pigs Fly :
Something that will never ever happen.

Wild and Woolly:
Uncultured and without laws.

Wine and Dine:
When somebody is treated to an expensive meal.

Without A Doubt:
For certain.


X marks the spot:
A phrase that is said when someone finds something he/she has been looking for.


You Are What You Eat:
In order to stay healthy you must eat healthy foods.

You Can't Judge A Book By Its Cover:
Decisions shouldn't be made primarily on appearance.

You Can't Take it With You:
Enjoy what you have and not what you don't have, since when you die you cannot take things (such as money) with you.

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine:
I have no idea.


Zero Tolerance:
No crime or law breaking big or small will be overlooked.